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Special Occasions


When it comes to marking those special occasions, nothing is more enticing than a bunch of flowers that have been created especially to mark the event.


Inspired by the desires of those who the flowers are being created for, Katie Peckett Flowers produce exquisite anniversary flowers, birthday flowers, and bouquets for other special occasions. Regardless of what your theme is, we can source a collection of fresh flowers that will complement it perfectly. Whether you desire something bright and cheery to say congratulations, or you would like classic pastels to show someone you care, our range of designs and flowers will satisfy your needs.


Trying to choose that perfect bunch of flowers can be daunting, regardless of who the recipient is. Each individual who loves to receive carefully arranged flowers will have their own expectations, and many people prefer a personal touch. By offering products that have been carefully crafted to all of our customers, we are able to ensure that each bouquet we create delivers the magic that the recipient would love to experience.


As the range of flowers used at Katie Peckett’s flower shop are derived from many corners of the world, we can create bunches that are truly special. Whether you would like new baby flowers that have been crafted using British classics, or Valentines flowers that feature some of the Orient’s most spectacular themes, we can craft something that will leave the recipient feeling delighted.


As a florist who has grown up in a family that has thrived in the wholesale flower industry, creating beautiful bunches is something I have enjoyed doing for many years. After accumulating many years of experience, I have grown to appreciate the importance that each customer places on finding the perfect bunch of flowers for the person they are sending them to.


Alongside my advisors, I am able to show each order the respect it deserves by carefully forming bouquets that leave you and the ones you love feeling happy. By talking to my advisors about your needs, you can find a bunch of flowers that will bring a sense of joy to the person who is receiving them.