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Bespoke Funeral Flower Arrangements for Churches and Crematoriums

Bespoke Funeral Flower Arrangements for Churches and Crematoriums

Bespoke Funeral Flower Arrangements for Churches and Crematoriums

bespoke funeral flowers florist SheffieldIt’s understandably a very difficult time when you have lost a loved one. There are so many things to organise and arrange that it can seem overwhelming. But organising a bespoke floral arrangement for the funeral of your loved one can be a good way to pay your respects in such a way that is personal, sentimental, and thoughtful. Creating a fitting tribute to your loved one is really important at this time, and that’s why personalised funeral flowers are such a thoughtful choice.

Celebrating the Individual

During my time as a florist in Sheffield, and my many years of experience creating funeral flower arrangements for churches and crematoriums, I have had the privilege of creating some truly beautiful floral tributes that are perfectly fitting to the person’s life that they are celebrating. After all, your lost loved one was an individual with their own interests, passions, and tastes, so why not reflect their uniqueness in a bespoke floral arrangement?

Sports Themed Tributes

A common request for bespoke funeral flowers that I have been asked to design and arrange is to celebrate a loved one’s love of sport. For example, as a florist in Sheffield, I’ve put together floral arrangements based on the two footballs teams of Sheffield: Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday. Creating a floral owl in the colours of Sheffield Wednesday is no mean feat I assure you, but the results have been wonderful. Whether you use these bespoke floral displays to decorate a casket, or to place at a gravestone, they always bring a splash of colour, brightness, and individuality to what is an understandably difficult time.

Individual Letter and Names

Another nice idea for bespoke funeral flowers, and one that can look really beautiful, is floral arrangements in individual letters and names. What better way to personalise your loved one’s funeral flowers than by spelling their name, or the name you refer to them by? Here at Katie Peckett, we’re pros in putting together a variety of letters to suit your individual needs, and happy to create the arrangements in open or massed style.

Sheffield Funeral Flowers

As specialists in funeral flowers in Sheffield, we are experts in creating bespoke funeral flowers for churches and crematoriums and can offer an extensive range of sympathy flowers and arrangements to suit your needs. We always work hard to provide our clients with beautiful flowers to honour their loved one, or to send their deepest sympathies to a grieving family. Call us today on 0114 266 4249 or email info@katiepeckett.com for more information.