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Embrace the Latest Floral Trend – 70’s Psychedelics!

Embrace the Latest Floral Trend – 70’s Psychedelics!

Embrace the Latest Floral Trend – 70’s Psychedelics!

Here at Katie Peckett Florists in Sheffield, we’re always raring to embrace the latest floral trend. One that’s caught my eye recently, and that I must admit I’m quite excited about, is the 70’s Psychedelics Flower Power trend – So retro!

Flowers have been a symbol of peace since the mid 60’s, when the American beat poet Allen Ginsberg harnessed the power of flowers while organising a protest against the Vietnam war. It was soon embraced by the hippy counterculture, who used floral motifs to decorate everything from cars and clothes, to themselves. There’s no surprise that this trend has reared its lovely floral head, and there are so many great ways to embrace it. Sending a bouquet full of flower power positivity and good vibes is also a great way to celebrate Spring, and a definite nod to brighter days to come.

Create the Floral Psychedelic Look

The key to creating the psychedelic vibes of the 70’s is with a bold colour palette. Embrace a bit of colour clashing with hot pinks, bright orange, and the most striking yellows you can find. Throw in some greens and turquoise for an even brighter injection of colour and you can’t go wrong. These unashamedly bright colour combinations have the (flower) power to inject immediate personality into a bouquet or floral arrangement, creating a vibrant focal point that serves as a real statement.

Choosing your Flowers

One of the most iconic flowers when it comes to 70’s psychedelics is the Gerbera Daisy. Available in a wide variety of colours, many of them extremely bright, the Gerbera is the perfect flower to create this look. Other additions to your flower power themed bouquet or arrangement might be roses, chrysanthemums, poppies and trumpet flowers. Their distinctive shapes will be sure to add to this look-at-me trend.

Get Groovy!

Want to embrace this groovy new summer trend? We can help. As a professional florist in Sheffield, I love being creative with flowers and always try to keep on top of the latest floral trends. It’s always been my pleasure to be able to offer my customers a selection of fantastic seasonal flowers to choose from, as well as those from further afield when desired. Here at Katie Peckett Florists, we offer a stunning range of fresh flowers for all the seasons and look forward to working with you to recreate Pinterest worthy arrangements and bouquets to reflect the very latest trends. Call us today on 0114 266 4249 or email info@katiepeckett.com