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Stunning Cascading Bouquets for Elegant Weddings

Stunning Cascading Bouquets for Elegant Weddings

Stunning Cascading Bouquets for Elegant Weddings

cascading bouquets wedding florist SheffieldHere at Katie Peckett florists in Sheffield, we’ve worked with many brides and grooms over the years to design and create unique, stunning, and unforgettable wedding flowers for their big day. One thing we always enjoy is keeping up to date with the latest trends in wedding flowers! Of course, trends do come and go, but the concept of the cascading bouquet has been a popular favourite for many brides. And it’s easy to see why; cascading bouquets are not just elegant, these stunning floral arrangements trail in such a beautiful way that no matter what style you choose, they’ll always look incredible.

The History of Cascading Bouquets

Cascading bouquets are a modern version of what is commonly referred to as the shower bouquet. These became popular around the turn of the century and continued to be a favourite with brides of the 1920’s and 30’s. Princess Diana famously resurrected the trend in the 1980’s with a shorter, more subtle version, which crept back into fashion yet again in the early 2000’s with Kate Middleton following the cascading bouquet trend at her own wedding in 2011. Now, however, long, dramatic cascading bouquets are making a comeback!

Rustic Autumnal Cascading Bouquet

A cascading bouquet is a great choice for a rustic autumnal wedding. Think deep orange and rusty red blooms mixed with dusky green foliage, using stems of differing lengths to give the bouquet a realistic, layered look, that’s bursting with texture. We always avoid stiff stems and foliage as it’s important that the cascading bouquets naturally look like they are full of movement.

Understated Glamour

Although cascading bouquets can be impressive and dramatic, there’s always the option to go for a more subtle vibe with fewer flowers for understated glamour. For example, pale pink or peachy coloured peonies mixed with pastel tulips works beautifully. Add an accent of vintage lace ribbon for a beautiful feminine touch.

Cascading Bouquets to Suit You!

Whether you go for the drama of a long cascading bouquet, or the subtle glamour of smaller blooms, the level of impact you wish to achieve really depends on you. Calla lilies and roses are excellent candidates for cascading bouquets, and even orchids and amaranths can give a beautiful trailing effect. The choice is yours!

Wedding Florist in Sheffield

Here at Katie Peckett Florists, we specialise in designer wedding flowers in Sheffield and Derbyshire, including cascading bouquets. Choosing a professional florist to put together your cascading bouquet is key, as it takes a high level of skill to put together these intricate designs. But the effect is worth it; cascading bouquets really do add a level of elegance and glamour to any bride’s wedding outfit. Let us make your big day unforgettable with showstopping blooms by calling 0114 266 4249 or email info@katiepeckett.com