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Top 5 Eco Friendly Flowers for Ethical Bouquets

Top 5 Eco Friendly Flowers for Ethical Bouquets

Top 5 Eco Friendly Flowers for Ethical Bouquets

eco friendly flowers SheffieldAs an experienced and reputable florist in Sheffield, it’s really important to me to be able to offer my customers eco-friendly, ethical options when it comes to buying flowers. According to the latest government statistics, the market for cut flowers and ornamental plants is worth £1.3bn in the UK alone. Stats also show that approximately 90% of these flowers are imported from abroad, most commonly from the Netherlands, where they are grown to order in heated greenhouses. In addition to the large amounts of CO2 released by such greenhouses, there are also issues relating to transportation, pollution, energy consumption, and the additional use of pesticides. So, which flowers are the most sustainable?


Grown in the UK and a popular choice in any bouquet is the rose. Traditionally given as a symbol of love, red roses are a great choice for any ethical bouquet. Or why not choose yellow roses if buying for a friend? Said to symbolise friendship and happiness, yellow roses are a classic choice of flowers to send to show you care.


Sunflowers are another great sustainable option, and it’s easy to see why. Naturally cheering and brightly coloured, the humble sunflower is grown widely in the UK and is a great eco-friendly option for weddings, bouquets, and more.


Another sustainable choice of flowers are alstroemerias. Their beautiful clusters of colourful lily-like flowers typically bloom from early summer to late autumn and are very well suited to being grown in the UK. Choosing alstroemerias means you can easily choose locally grown flowers, with minimal travel on cut stems, which are far better for the environment.


Despite being indigenous to parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe, more and more tulips are now being grown in the UK, making them an eco-friendly choice. Every spring, thousands of bright, blossoming tulips can be seen growing across acres of farmland in Britain. With sights like that, what’s not to love?!

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are also a great eco option simply because they last longer than fresh flowers. Whether you choose dried lavender, roses, or larkspur, dried flowers lend themselves perfectly to bouquets, arrangements and even wreaths.

We’re so fortunate here in the UK to be able to choose locally grown flowers. And here at Katie Peckett Florists, we are fully committed to sourcing locally grown, sustainable, and organic flowers in Sheffield and Derbyshire for our customers. Call us today on 0114 266 4249 or email info@katiepeckett.com to see how we can help.