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Top 5 Mood Lifting Fragranced Flowers

Top 5 Mood Lifting Fragranced Flowers

Top 5 Mood Lifting Fragranced Flowers

florist Sheffield top mood lifting flowersAs a professional florist in Sheffield, I truly believe in the many positive effects that flowers can have on both physical and mental health. Bringing nature into your home in the form of flowers not only promotes wellbeing, it lifts your mood, and can even reduce stress. One of the reasons for this is, of course, their scent! So, here are my top 5 mood lifting fragranced flowers sure to give you a mental boost.

Heavenly Hyacinth

Very popular at this time of year, hyacinths are a great pick-me-up with their bright blooms and sweet aroma. The scent of hyacinth really comes into its own as the bud begins to bloom, beginning with a light floral fragrance which becomes more intense as the flowers open. Accompanied by their bright shades of blues, pinks and purples, hyacinths are great mood boosters.

Luxurious Lilies

Although the scent of lilies can be somewhat bold, there’s no doubt it’s a fresh, uplifting fragrance that is loved by many. There are many types of lily, but my favourite is Lilium Regale, which boast incredibly fragrant, large white trumpets with a gorgeous pink reverse and striking yellow centre.

Lovely Lavender

Always popular in aromatherapy, lavender is one of the strongest flower scents and often associated with relaxation. Cultivated lavender is famous for its typical purple colour, and it’s long been used in cosmetics products and body oils due to its anti-inflammatory properties!

Just Jasmine

Like lavender, Jasmine has long been associated with relaxation, and has even been proven to lower anxiety and stress levels. Jasmine also makes a great addition to the bedroom, helping to improve sleep, make you feel more peaceful, and even lower the heart rate.

Cheerful Chives

Chives, also known as Allium tuberosum, boast cheerful, fluffy heads in delicate shades of purple. Apart from looking great, (not to mention tasting great), chives are said to help with depression by blocking a chemical that inhibits the production of serotonin and dopamine, the ‘happy’ hormones!

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