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5 Ways to Add Style with Greenery and Foliage

5 Ways to Add Style with Greenery and Foliage

5 Ways to Add Style with Greenery and Foliage

online flowers Sheffield greenery foliageA common misconception with florists all over the world is that we’re primarily interested in flowers. Well, as a Sheffield florist who’s spent many years putting bouquets and arrangements together for a variety of venues, occasions, and celebrations, I’m here to tell you that greenery and foliage is just as important!

With so many beautiful flowers available now days, in all the colours of the rainbow, it can be so easy to overlook the different types of greenery and foliage that are so important in accompanying them. In my opinion, it’s this greenery that really complements and completes a bouquet or arrangement, adding much needed shape, interest, and excitement to floral decor. So, here are my 5 favourite types of greenery and foliage!

On-Trend Eucalyptus

Now a firm favourite in the world of home decor and interior design, eucalyptus is great for decorative wreaths, floral displays, and even bouquets. It’s beautiful grey and blue tones means it pairs particularly well with neutral flowers, adding texture and interest to a variety of arrangements.

Fashionable Ferns

There’s something mesmerising about the complexity and intricacy of ferns, and they’ve become very trendy in the world of floristry recently. The leatherleaf fern is a particular favourite of mine; long lasting, and available all year round. It’s distinctive triangular shape and sturdy stems make it perfect for adding structure and body to floral décor.

Accessorizing with Ivy

Ivy is such a great piece of greenery to add to anything from table centrepieces, trailing bouquets, or even floral headdresses. It’s also the perfect addition to festive wreathes due to its pliability and long lifespan.

Mediterranean Myrtus

Another great choice for greenery is myrtus, an aromatic evergreen shrub with pointed, glossy leaves. There’s even a British Royal tradition of brides carrying myrtle, which was established when Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter (also named Victoria) married in 1858. From then on, Queen Victoria demanded that every bride of the Royal family should have myrtle planted at her Osborne House to commemorate each wedding.

Olive Branches

Olive branches are a firm favourite when adding greenery to floral arrangements. The sage green colour palette is understated, yet the windswept leaves add an effortless, natural look.

Sheffield Flower Shop

Katie Peckett flower shop in Sheffield offers a stunning range of fresh flowers and gorgeous greenery for all the seasons. If you’re looking to add interest and depth to your floral arrangement, bouquet, or wedding flowers, we have a great range of greenery and foliage in our Sheffield flowers shop. Call us today on 0114 266 4249 or email info@katiepeckett.com