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Floral Trend Update – Wild Garden Style Floristry

Floral Trend Update – Wild Garden Style Floristry

Floral Trend Update – Wild Garden Style Floristry

online flowers Sheffield wild garden floristryAs regular readers of my blog will know, I love keeping up to date with the latest floral trends. As with any industry, trends do come and go, and it’s always really interesting to see what will be next for floral fashionistas! One particularly interesting trend that has come to light recently is wild garden style, and it’s easy to see why.

What is Wild Garden Style Floristry?

The basis of wild garden style floristry is essentially foraging. Now, foraging may have been making waves in the food industry for years, but the concept is very much the same. The secret to getting that wild garden style bouquet or floral arranging is choosing foliage and blooms that look as though they’ve been plucked straight from the ground. Each delicate head is bent towards a source of natural light, blooms that may look effortlessly placed have been arranged in such a way as to look just that – effortless. This might all sound simple, but it’s the equivalent of a barely there make up look; this type of arrangement requires careful thought in both the floral choices themselves, and the way that they are placed in the design.

Creating the Look Responsibly and Ethically

As tempting as it may be to set out on foot with a pair of secateurs and a Pinterest board in hand, creating the wild garden style isn’t quite as simple as that. According to the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981, it is actually illegal to help yourself to uproot a wild plant without permission from the landowner or occupant, although technically you can pick individual stems. It’s also illegal to pick flowers from a special conservation site or reserve, which includes National Nature Reserves, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and National Trust properties. On top of that, it’s illegal to pick any flower that is “highly threatened.” With so many caveats and research required into what you can and can’t pick, there is an easier way!

Florist in Sheffield

As a well-established florist in Sheffield, I source my flowers in the most ethical way possible, ensuring that everything I offer is chosen responsibly. If you’re looking to recreate the trendy wild garden style of floristry, I can help. By taking inspiration from wildflowers, typically seen to grow along paths and in the hedgerows during long country walks, I’ve achieved this uplifting look in all manner of romantically wild garden designs.

As you know, I love being creative with flowers and always try to keep on top of the latest floral trends. It’s always been my pleasure to be able to offer my customers a selection of fantastic seasonal flowers to choose from, as well as those from further afield when desired. Here at Katie Peckett Florists, we offer a stunning range of fresh flowers for all the seasons and look forward to working with you to recreate Pinterest worthy arrangements and bouquets to reflect the very latest trends. Call us today on 0114 266 4249 or email info@katiepeckett.com