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Creative Floral Ideas for Wedding Anniversaries from Sheffield Florist

Creative Floral Ideas for Wedding Anniversaries from Sheffield Florist

Creative Floral Ideas for Wedding Anniversaries from Sheffield Florist

Sheffield flower delivery online flowers anniversaryWhen it comes to creating stunning bouquets and unique floral arrangements to celebrate a wedding anniversary, we love nothing more than helping our customers make the most of these special days in a couple’s marriage. Here at Katie Peckett florists in Sheffield, we’ve got plenty of ideas to mark the day with flowers!

You’ll be familiar with the concept of diamond as the symbol for 60 years of marriage, gold for 50, silver for 25, and so on. But did you know that anniversaries can also be celebrated with flowers? Of course, wedding anniversaries are often celebrated by giving flowers, but in actual fact, there are certain flowers that correspond to each anniversary too.

Celebrate with Carnations

First wedding anniversaries are typically associated with carnations. Evoking feelings of youth, passion, and joy, carnations are the perfect flowers to include in your floral bouquets and arrangements for the first anniversary of a marriage. Carnations are a much-loved flower for many occasions, and its wide beautiful array of colours makes it a great addition to flower arrangements. For the recipient, it’s subtle fragrance and attractive petal formation make it a lovely choice for wedding anniversaries.

Choose Irises for a Silver Wedding Anniversary

The stunning, unusual iris is the floral symbol for what would traditionally be your silver wedding anniversary, celebrating 25 years of marriage. The iris is such a bold choice in bouquets, and for anniversaries, many believe that this flower represents the strength and commitment of a relationship. Perfect for such a milestone!

Complimentary Colours for Gold

If you’re blessed enough to make it to your 50th wedding anniversary, soft yellow roses and striking violets make a real impact. The use of complimentary colours in this way is a bold nod to the long life of the couple celebrating this milestone anniversary.

Evoke Wedding Memories

Another lovely option for anniversary flowers, and one that we often recommend as Sheffield florists, is choosing flowers that you had at your wedding. Flowers picked out for the big day are sure to be a hit if replicated in an anniversary bouquet, bringing back lovely memories and adding an extra special, thoughtful touch.

So, whether it’s a first wedding anniversary, a celebration of 10 years of marriage, or a landmark anniversary like a Silver, Golden or Diamond, being creative with floral choices is the perfect way to celebrate. As experienced Sheffield florists, we love creating bespoke bouquets to celebrate wedding anniversaries. If you’re looking for fresh, beautiful flowers to celebrate your wedding anniversary, we can help. Call us today on 0114 266 4249 or email info@katiepeckett.com