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4 Ways to Ensure your Sheffield Wedding Flowers are Sustainable and Organic

4 Ways to Ensure your Sheffield Wedding Flowers are Sustainable and Organic

4 Ways to Ensure your Sheffield Wedding Flowers are Sustainable and Organic

flower delivery Sheffield online flowers weddingAs an experienced Sheffield florist, I’ve worked with many lovely couples over the years to design and create stunning wedding flowers in Sheffield for their big days. Although floral wedding trends come and go, it’s always a good idea to consider just how sustainable your wedding flowers are.

Choose Flowers Grown & Sold Locally

One way to ensure your wedding flowers are sustainable is to specify cut flowers from Britain. Although cut flowers are a beautiful way of bringing life, colour, and celebration to your wedding ceremony, choosing flowers that are in season and haven’t travelled thousands of miles to get to you, is a great way to compliment your sustainable wedding.

Choosing flowers that are grown and sold locally ensures that the resources and transportation to get them to their destination is minimised. If your Sheffield wedding flowers don’t have to travel a long distance, they don’t need as many resources to keep them fresher for longer. Add in the savings in emissions from reducing how far they have to travel means that excess resources and energy are minimised, and your flowers can be generally considered sustainable.

Say No to Pesticides

Another way to ensure your flowers are sustainable and organic is to specify that they haven’t been treated with pesticides. Fresh cut flowers are sometimes treated with a variety of chemicals. But making the choice to specify flowers grown in Britain is a good way to minimise the amounts of pesticides used because they’re strictly regulated in the UK, unlike some other countries where rules are less stringent.

Keep Packaging to a Minimum

Of course, you’ll want your Sheffield wedding flowers to look perfect for the big day, but that doesn’t mean they have to be excessively packaged on their way to your chosen venue. Specify paper wrapping and say no to plastic, and your flowers will look just as fresh, but will be much more environmentally friendly.

Choose Silk Wedding Flowers!

Another eco-friendly choice for your wedding flowers is choosing silk wedding flowers from your flower shop in Sheffield. Whether you choose to buy them, or hire them, silk flowers are a great sustainable option!

Here at Katie Peckett Florists, we specialise in designer wedding flowers in Sheffield and Derbyshire. If you’re looking to source sustainable, organic wedding flowers, we can help. Call us today on 0114 266 4249 or email info@katiepeckett.com