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What are Wellbeing Bouquets and Why Should you Send One?

What are Wellbeing Bouquets and Why Should you Send One?

What are Wellbeing Bouquets and Why Should you Send One?

online flowers Sheffield wellbeing bouquetsAs an experienced Sheffield florist, I’ve seen a real lift in the demand for wellbeing bouquets over the last few months. I’ve talked about the benefits of flowers with regard to mental health, mood and wellbeing in previous blog posts, and it’s clear to see that as people come to recognise the positive impact that flowers can have on your life, the more popular they have become. So, what are wellbeing bouquets and why should you send one?

Make Someone Happy by Sending a Wellbeing Bouquet

Wellbeing bouquets can be sent to anyone and everyone, and that’s part of the beauty of them. We often associate sending flowers with a specific occasion or celebration in mind, but these bouquets are more about spreading joy and love simply to whoever you think would need one! Maybe your friend has had a tough year as a key worker, or perhaps you want to lift the spirits of a family member; a wellbeing bouquet is the perfect choice of gift to show you really care.

How do Flowers Boost your Mood?

Flowers are the perfect pick-me-up, as they have proven benefits for improving mood as well as a variety of holistic health benefits. There are many ways in which flowers can lift your mood and contribute to your feelings of wellbeing and contentment. Flowers can have a profound positive effect on both physical and mental health, and I truly believe that bringing nature into your home promotes wellbeing, boosts your mood, and even reduces stress.

It is now intuitively and scientifically known that adding elements of nature, like flowers, to your home promotes well-being. Smelling floral scents is commonly associated with lifting someone’s mood, as well as making us feel less anxious. But they can also have a positive impact on people’s memories! Studies have shown that flowers have the potential to activate the parts of your brain that are concerned with recalling positive memories.

Wellbeing Bouquets from our Sheffield Flower Shop

Katie Peckett flower shop in Sheffield offers a stunning range of fresh flowers for all the seasons. If you’re hoping to make someone’s day with a gift, why not boost their mental and physical wellbeing with flowers?! Take advantage of the health benefits of flowers with fresh bouquets and arrangements from a knowledgeable Sheffield florist by calling us on 0114 266 4249 or email info@katiepeckett.com